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Whether you are an entrepreneur,
a Caribbean citizen willing to change things,
or part of an organization aiming at creating change from within,
you’ll find a way to contribute
Rethinking education standards in the Caribbean
Enabling a thriving silver economy & elders participation in society
Overcoming the challenges of climate change and design an anti-fragile region
Embedding traditional healthcare practice in the contemporary Caribbean way of living
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 Here are 4 ways to contribute concretely
Webinars (free)

The opportunity to meet other Caribbean Impact Leaders and share around concrete & local case studies
CIL Program

Our Caribbean Impact Leaders Program (CILp) is for you to contribute to the Caribbean development wherever you are in the world
On-site & Online
Innovation Campus

Welcome to the new breeding ground of the next Caribbean Impact Leaders
On-site & Online
Territorial Change

For local organizations to make their projects visible & impactful for their beneficiaries, saving money and their teams’ energy
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What would be your way to create impact in the Caribbean?
We foster the combination of Design, Business & Territorial Innovation
We use Solution Management by Design as a user centric approach to help Caribbean Impact Leaders and organizations make sure their ideas meet an audience at each step.

All of this with smartly spent budgets and limited risks (Design to cost).

Solution Management by Design is a User centric approach to help you :
•  Anchor your project in the field’s reality
•  Engage team and stakeholders
•  Prototype & test fast at low costs
•  Prove the viability of your project
•  Build clear roadmaps
After many Caribbean & international experiences, we decided to go back to our homeland Guadeloupe (FWI), joining forces with other local actors, to improve Caribbean people’s life through Design!
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Arnaud & Alvin
We have an aggregated experience of working for more than 150 clients!
We’ve probably already met there
Mission Locale, with ANLCI
Bringing together counselors and the youth to build an optimal process of professional reintegration
Webinar series
The opportunity to meet other Caribbean Impact Leaders and share around concrete & local case studies
Meet up with the Martinican entrepreneurial fabric and understand the reality they face towards digitization
Caribbean Business Cruise
Traveling through the Caribbean to engage with leading organization, Ministries and entrepreneurs
Local High-schools
Conferences & Meetups with high school students
Maryse Project
Gwada Girls Tech Day : Engage young Caribbean girls in Tech
User research & tests with the whole production and agro-processing industry to create a relevant and unifying brand experience
Local Entrepreneurial Hubs
Series of workshops regarding topics such as traditional healthcare solutions by Design, and more
Don’t take our word for it. Trust our Whistlers!
Quote signe from Whistle entrepreneurs and sponsors network

"Breaking down a project idea is important and the tools provided helped me clarify what I wanted to do for different audiences and prototype it."

Saran Diakité Kaba

Rhachell Williams — Owner of an AfroCaribbean centric academy — Dominica/Guyana

Quote signe from Whistle entrepreneurs and sponsors network

"What a beautiful initiative for our wonderful profession and for the Caribbean, I am happy to sponsor your work."

Saran Diakité Kaba

Saran Diakité Kaba — Director at Strate School of Design, Ex. PSA Group R&D and Design Director

"Thank you for this qualitative work! Your method is a great way not to remain in our own biases but be more user oriented! It’s definitely different from everything else I do in my work days!"

Véronique Bellemain

Véronique Bellemain — Deputy Director at  Direction Of Food, Agriculture and Forest in Guadeloupe (DAAF) - French State

"I really enjoyed working with you guys. It brought sunshine to my workspace and I learnt a lot. I wish I could work with more people like you."

Fiona Roche

Fiona Roche — Founder at Rézilyans971, Project Manager at Iguaflhor

"The experience was awesome, intense. The teaching team was perfect: professional and kind. The content's quality and the timing of delivery were just great. I definitely recommend you guys!"

Raphaëlle Rinaldo

Raphaëlle Rinaldo — Possibilities Developer at Osons Ici, French Guiana Coordinator

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